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Case Closed Films:
Movie 1 The Time Bombed Skyscraper
Movie 2 The Fourteenth Target
Movie 3 The Last Wizard of the Century
Movie 4 Captured in Her Eyes
Movie 5 Countdown to Heaven
Movie 6 The Phantom of Baker Street
Movie 7 Crossroad in the Ancient Capital
Movie 8 Magician of the Silver Sky
Movie 9 Strategy Above the Depths
Movie 10 The Private Eyes' Requiem
Movie 11 Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure
Movie 12 Full Score of Fear
Movie 13 The Raven Chaser
Movie 14 The Lost Ship in the Sky
Movie 15 Quarter of Silence

Live Action:
Live Action 1 Kudo Shinichi's Written Challenge
Live Action 2 Showdown with the Black Organization
Live Action 3  The Mystery of the Legendary Strange Bird! *updated*

Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan (kolaborasi antara Lupin III dan Detective Conan)
Magic Kaito: Kid The Phantom Thief