minna-san, this is CHiaki ^^
belakangan ini CHiaki nganggur-nganggur aja sich... (lebih tepatnya males ngerjain tugas, wkwkwk)
terus tersirat ide deh pengen translating manga (manganya aslinya bahasa mandarin, terus CHiaki copy paste english translation-nya dari spoiler)
dan yang kebetulan ketemu adalah manga.....

D.Gray-Man ch. 197

I'm just copy paste it from mangahelpers' spoiler and for the manga I downloaded it from Manga Head.
Thanks to those two, arigatou gozaimasu
I only add the spoiler to the manga (I did it because I though it would be easier to read), so there are some missing text because the spoiler didn't wrote the translation, sorry guys...
Here's the link to download mine

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## Perhaps this is the first and the last manga that I edited, I afraid I'll be capture##

!!I wrote this line in Sunday, August 8, 2010, D. Gray-Man 197 is Out!! Read it in MangaReader ^^!!

credit : MangaHelpers,  Manga Head